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About the Question Broadly Travel Blog
"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."
                                                                                                         Marcel Proust, À la recherche du temps perdu
I am so glad you found me!

This space is where all of my interests, hobbies and forceful personality traits conspire together for good. Mostly, for good anyway.

For twenty years, I have devoted myself professionally to helping others prepare for and pursue their dream job. In other words, exploring the world isn't my full time job; it's my dream hobby. So, in this blog, you'll hear about ways to balance full time commitments with travel.
While I am lucky enough to control my own schedule, which allows for frequent travel, I don't have unlimited funds. I am a working mom of two girls, after all. So, in this blog, you'll hear about ways to travel creatively as a family.

Speaking of kids, a part of my work is focused on encouraging them to study the more advanced science, technology, engineering and math courses in school. So, one of the driving forces behind this blog is to give parents and teachers a clandestine tool they can use to sneak in a little knowledge here and there. Hey, accidental learning works too! 

You won't find a bunch of touristy experiences here. I tend to avoid those. I rarely find them worth the money and I don't have the patience for the crowds.  So, in this blog, you'll discover local places and people. 

There will be food and drink. There will be lots of food and drink. My friends tell me, according to my pictures, that I eat my way through holiday. I own that. So this blog will, no doubt, be stuffed with gastro delights.
I am passionate about politics. Some would say obsessed. I own that too. In this blog I use that passion to bring context to the places I visit. I like to "be a local" when I travel and I feel like I can do that better if I understand the political and social context of a place. Anthropological tourism isn't an actual phrase but it should be. 
And finally, I never miss a chance to ask a question. Any question. Forbidden questions are no stranger to me and I generally get the answer. It's not the greatest attribute in some settings, however, on the road. it's brilliant. People will tell you a lot of stuff when they know they won't ever see you again. So, in this blog, you'll hear from taxi drivers, bartenders, locals and fellow travelers.

I hope you enjoy these adventures as much as I do!